Classes/Syllabi & Student Ratings

I really enjoy teaching.  In addition to the courses I’ve already taught (listed below), I am also interested in teaching courses in experimental methodology, similarity and multidimensional scaling, introductory and advanced techniques in E-Prime and eye-tracking, and various other topical cognition courses.

Graduate classes taught:

  • PSY 540, History and Systems in Psychology (New Mexico State University).
    • Fall, 2015 Evaluations (out of 5): Instructor: 4.33; Course: 3.94.  Fall 2015 Syllabus.
  • PSY 507, Quantitative Methods in Psychology I (New Mexico State University).
    • Fall, 2013 Evaluations (out of 4): Instructor: 3.78; Course: 3.67.  Fall 2013 Syllabus.
  • PSY 522, Sensation and Perception (New Mexico State University).
  • PSY 590, Readings and Conference (Arizona State University), topic: eye-movements.
    • Fall, 2012.
    • Spring, 2013.

Undergraduate classes taught (asterisks denote semesters in which a supervised Preparing Future Faculty student lead the course **):

  • PSY 340, Cognition (New Mexico State University).
  • PSY 324, Memory and Cognition (Arizona State University).
    • Spring, 2011 Evaluations (out of 5, where 1 is “most positive”): Instructor: 1.27.  Spring 2011 Syllabus.
    • Spring, 2013 Evaluations (out of 5, where 1 is “most positive”): Instructor: 1.2.  Spring 2013 Syllabus.
  • PSY 310, Experimental Methods (New Mexico State University).
  • HON 232G, The Human Mind (New Mexico State University).
  • PSYC 2317, Statistics and Research Design (El Paso Community College).
  • PSY 101, Introduction to Psychology (Arizona State University).
    • Spring, 2010 Evaluations (out of 5, where 1 is “most positive”): Instructor: 1.16.  Spring 2010 Syllabus.

Here are links to my ratings for both my current position at NMSU, and for when I was still a graduate student at Arizona State University.

  • New Mexico State University: Here!
    • Average ratings (out of 5); 28 raters: Overall: 4.7; Difficulty: 2.4.
  • Arizona State University: Here!
    • Average ratings (out of 5); 6 raters: Overall: 5.0; Difficulty: 2.0.


Ratings plot:

Below is a histogram showing the distribution of my average overall “Instructor” ratings received by students, and my average overall “Course” ratings, shown in blue and orange bars, respectively. Because different courses/semesters used different scales, all ratings have been converted to a percentage (0 = worst, 100% = best).


Comments from students:

  • “Dr. Hout is very knowledgable in this area and is very relaxed which makes approaching him with questions or concerns a pleasant experience.”
  • “He really understood the subject matter and was able to put it in a way that was not so complicated to understand.  Dr. Hout was able to make lectures funny (or at least I laughed) while still full of information.  And I didn’t skip his lectures to watch Grey’s Anatomy, so that’s a huge accomplishment in and of itself.”
  • “Mike is an incredibly talented professor. Although I had prior interest in cognitive psychology, Mike pushed the limits of my interest to the point that I am now considering going to grad school for cognitive psych. He is abundantly clear in his exhibition of information, is readily available to answer questions, and is enthralled with the topic.”
  • “I really enjoyed this course! The power points were very well put together and the material was presented in a fun interesting way. You could tell Mr. Hout put a lot of time into his syllabus and the power points which I personally appreciate as a student. He was also always willing to help and very prompt on answering emails and posting grades. I felt very supported and that I learned a lot despite the tests being challenging.”
  • “Extremely responsive and always willing to help with material – both inside and outside of the classroom. Constant concern for overall class learning. Amazing instructor.”
  • “Mike was great, hands down best Psychology Professor I’ve had at ASU. I was really intrigued by the material and Mike was great at delivering it. I’d say this was my favorite course of the semester.”
  • “Probably the best professor I’ve had so far at ASU! He made a subject that I find not that interesting… interesting! The class was a little bit early for me, but because he was teaching the course…it made me want to go! I really enjoyed his humor! He kept lecture interesting because of it. I would definitely take another course with this him.”
  • “He was a super instructor who really cared about the class. He would help out with anything the class needed help with, and would go over material he sensed the class wasn’t grasping.”
  • “You really did a great job teaching this class! I was worried I would hate Memory and Cognition and that it would be boring, but you made it interesting and fun but still taught us a lot at the same time. You also got us our grades back faster than any other instructor I’ve ever had, which was awesome. I would definitely take another course from you!”