Lab Alumni

Arryn Robbins, PhD: Arryn received her PhD in 2018.  She is currently a post-doctoral researcher at Carthage College.  Her website is

Collin Scarince, PhD: Collin received his PhD in 2018. He is now a post-doctoral researcher at Texas A&M University (Corpos Christi).

Ryan Sams, MA: Ryan received his master’s degree in 2015. He is now an adjunct faculty member at Central New Mexico Community College.

Casey Tunstall, MA: Casey received her master’s degree in 2014. She is now a Human Factors Engineer at INQU LLC.

Garrett Bennett: Garrett is a former Discovery Scholars student that worked in our lab.

Alexis Lopez, BA: Alexis is a former Discovery Scholars student that got her bachelor’s degree in 2016.

Maggie Sabik, BA: Maggie is a former BRAiN (Building Research Initiatives in Neuroscience) student who received her bachelor’s degree in 2016.

Emily Green, BA: Emily is a former Honors College thesis student who received her bachelor’s degree in 2018.

John DesGeorges: John is a former Discovery Scholars student who is currently finishing his bachelor’s degree.