Lab Member Photos

Lab photo(s), Fall 2018

We have so many people in the lab this year we had to set up two meeting times just to get the picture taken!


Visual Search and Selective Attention IV symposium; Munich, Germany 2018

Group photo (of all invited speakers) on the edge of Lake Ammersee.

Presenting my talk on the last day of the conference.

Panel discussion following our group of speakers.  Left to right: me, Greg Zelinsky, Ruth Rosenholtz, Melissa Le-Hoa Võ, Monica Castelhano, and Arni Kristjánsson.

Conference logo.

Collin becomes Dr. Scarince, the second PhD student from our lab

Collin has successfully defended his PhD, and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m very proud of the work he did for his dissertation, and know he has a bright career ahead of him.  This is him at the start of his defense, July 9th, 2018.


Invited lecture at the University of Chicago

I was recently invited (by the Environmental Neuroscience Laboratory: to speak at the University of Chicago.  I spoke about our recent work on strategy use in visual search to a wonderful group of academics (faculty and graduate students alike).


Arryn becomes Dr. Robbins, the first PhD student from our lab

I couldn’t have been happier or more proud than to see Dr. Robbins complete her degree.  This is her and I at her doctoral hooding, May 11th, 2018.


Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium (URCAS), NMSU 2018

Emily Green, an honors thesis student working in our lab, presenting our incidental memory research at this year’s URCAS conference.


Rocky Mountain Psychological Association meeting, Denver 2018

Dr. Laura Madson and I at our NMSU recruitment table.  We had a lot of conversations with potential new grads!

John Kulpa presenting our research on the best ways to collect similarity data.

Arryn presenting our research on the influence of scene context during categorical visual search.

Me presenting our research on incidental memory during visual search.

Psychonomics and OPAM, Vancouver 2017

Collin presenting his talk to a packed room on the first day of OPAM.

JMad killing it at her Psychonomics poster, talking hybrid search with Carrick and the Big Bad Wolfe.

Me presenting John’s “Google Effect” poster at OPAM.

Lab photos, Fall 2017

Never let Michael Marks (and his shaky hands) take your annual lab photo.  Missing several people, sadly.

At least we somehow managed to get Collin and Summer in on this one.


NMSU Conferences: Graduate Research and Arts Symposium (GRAS), and Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium (URCAS), Spring 2017

Ms. Belle Castro (who recently completed her master’s degree), presenting the research she did in collaboration with Dr. Gaylene Fasenko and myself, at GRAS.  Belle’s research focuses on how well people are able to interpret and understand primary and secondary emotions in their dogs.

Mr. John DesGeorges, an undergraduate Discovery Scholar working in my lab, presenting his research at URCAS.  John’s research is on transactive memory, and how people are primed to think of computer-related things when faced with difficult informational demands (or are they?).


Soutwestern Psychological Association Meeting (SWPA), San Antonio 2017

Presenting my invited symposium on using MDS to conduct better experiments.

Steve Walenchok presenting our talk on confirmation bias in visual search.


Speaking at the University of Arizona, February 2017

Quick snapshot from the invited talk I gave to the Psychology department at the University of Arizona in February (2017).

Psychonomics/OPAM 2016, and my workshop at Louisiana State University

5600_1479313328901Me, presenting my workshop (on multidimensional scaling) at LSU.

received_10154678206024328Steve Walenchok’s very well attended talk (on decision-making in visual search) at OPAM.

20161120_102232Hayward Godwin presenting our talk (on searching for information) at Psychonomics, followed shortly thereafter by pyrotechnics and accompanied by backup singers.

20161118_183529_1479580762408Me presenting my poster (on visual search expertise) at Psychonomics.

20161117_122645Alexis Lopez presenting our poster (on collaborative visual search) at OPAM.

5745_1479599428555Arryn Robbins (with Jessica Madrid) at her poster (on multidimensional scaling simulation work) during Psychonomics.

20161117_122847Collin Scarince presenting our work (on non-essential features in visual search) at OPAM.

received_10154678899934328Jessica Madrid at her poster (on hybrid visual search) during OPAM.

20161118_182540_1479581825553Steve Walenchok presenting our poster (on strategies in visual search) at Psychonomics.


Lab Group Photo (Fall 2016)


Sadly, due to the rain, we only got a single lab photo this year!  And without a tree to climb, Collin was resigned to climbing, um, the walls.  Shown are my wonderful graduate students, and many of the research assistants on whom we so critically rely!  Back row (left to right): Jersain Silva, Ryan Sams, Arryn Robbins, Collin Scarince, myself, Jorge Sanchez, John DesGeorges, and Summer Lileck.  In front (left to right): Annette Enriquez, Jessica Madrid, Angel Ortega, Andrea Sopata, Emily Ericson, and Karime Zubia.  Missing are Carrie Melia, Alexis Lopez, Natalie French, Izza Jauregui, Zoie Scott, and Steven Archuleta.


ARMADILLO Conference weekend (September, 2016)


Me presenting our talk on search expertise.


Alexis Lopez presenting our work on collaborative visual search.


Collin Scarince presenting our poster on gambling expectations/memory.


Jessica Madrid presenting our poster on hybrid visual search.


Arryn Robbins presenting our work on multidimensional scaling simulations.


Steve Walenchok (honorary lab member) presenting our work on confirmation bias in visual search.

Vision Sciences Society Conference (May, 2016)

IMG_4389Presenting our poster on multidimensional scaling and computer vision modelling.

IMG_4417Alexis presenting our poster on collaborative visual search.


received_10154151693184328Steve Walenchok (from ASU; an unofficial lab member) presenting our work on confirmatory strategies in visual search.


13221420_10106263816378661_6623776687637643296_oOPAM organizers, past and present.

20160514_093058Carrie presenting our poster on the Face Inversion Effect.


IMG_3584Collin presenting our poster on dynamic visual search.


IMG_4401Presenting our micro-talk on individual differences in category typicality and mental representations in visual search.


IMG_4394Arryn presenting our poster on hybrid visual search, on behalf of Jessica.

IMG_3575Presenting our poster on pupillometry and the low-prevalence effect, on behalf of Maggie.

IMG_3580With Hayward Godwin, another unofficial lab member, at one of our posters.



Team building with the lab, Hayward Godwin (University of Southampton), Steve Walenchok (Arizona State), and Tony Barnhart (Carthage College).

NMSU Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium (URCAS), 2016

Alexis_URCASAlexis Lopez, presenting her poster on collaborative visual search.  Alexis is a Discovery Scholar, and will also be presenting this work at the upcoming Vision Sciences Society conference.

URCAS_PosterURCAS poster, announcing the schedule for Maggie’s talk session.

Maggie_URCAS2Maggie Sabik, presenting her talk on pupillometry and the low-prevalence effect.  Maggie is a BRAiN scholar, and her work will also be presented at this year’s Vision Sciences Society conference.


Psychonomics and OPAM (2015)


Arryn, doing a great job on her first conference talk (at OPAM) on categorical search.  She nailed it!

Collin, presenting his OPAM poster on “MAD” search.



Our undergrads, Alexis and Garrett, presenting their first ever poster (at OPAM), on collaborative search.

Jessica, presenting her poster (at OPAM) on the effects of linguistics/labeling in visual search.


Now Hayward and I are *both* former OPAM organizers!



Lab Group Photos (Fall 2015)


Here are a couple pictures of our lab members from Fall of 2015.  Here are most of our excellent undergraduate research assistants, and the graduate students.

nature pose

…most of the lab (missing a few people for scheduling conflicts).

Whole lab 2015


And here are my wonderful grad students…

grad students 2015

…trying to dodge the hawks.

hawk lab


Vision Sciences Society Conference, 2015




Presenting my poster on object recognition processing in dual-target search.


Many of the former OPAM organizers, plugging the conference.


Partners in crime… me and Hayward at the OPAM gathering, plotting and such.  Hayward is basically an honorary member of the lab.



Arryn presenting her poster on stress and fixational stability.


Arryn presenting.



Jessica presenting her work on music and the attentional blink.


Jessica presenting to Hayward.


Award Ceremonies


At the College of Arts and Sciences Awards reception with (from left to right) Dr. Laura Madson, Jessica, Arryn, and my girlfriend, Allison.


At the College of Arts and Sciences Student Awards (with Dean Slaton), where Arryn got an award for Outstanding Service.



 Receiving the award from Mitch Fowler, of the Creative Media Institute at NMSU.


At the award reception with Collin, Adam, Laura, Yuliana, and Jessica.




Lab Group Photos (Fall 2014)


Here are a couple pictures of our lab members from Fall of 2014.

Funny VSM Lab

…most of the lab (missing 1 grad student and 6 research assistants).

All VSMLab

And here are some of the grad students…

VSM Graduate Students

…trying to figure out what to do with our hands.

what do with hands



Psychonomics and OPAM (Fall 2014)



Arryn, proudly presenting her first poster on vehicle search.



Carrie, soaking it all in.



Jessica, plotting to fill up those blank poster boards with her own work.


Collin presenting his first poster; his work on evaluative conditioning.



Jessica, getting the scoop from one of our collaborators, Steve Walenchok.



Organizing / moderating.


I was skeptical of Ileana Ratiu’s poster… which is weird, considering I’m an author.



Me, doing my poster at Psychonomics.



Goodbye, OPAM conference… it’s been a fun two years, but Jeff and I hope you’re happy to see the back of us.  Don’t worry, we’ll dress alike next year too.