Lab Member Photos

Some pics from the fall Psychonomics Society and Object Perception, Attention, and Memory (OPAM) meetings.

Lab group photo, Fall 2023. We’re missing a few folks, unfortunately, including grads Jessica Madrid and Rebecca Penn. But this is most of us.

Presenting our varied projects at the 2023 Rocky Mountain Psychological Association meeting in Albuquerque.

Presenting our medical image perception research at the NM-INBRE Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico (2022).

Volunteering at the National Science Foundation’s “Ask a Scientist” booth at the Washington DC Awesome-Con (August, 2021).

Becca completed her master’s thesis!

Edin is now Dr. Sabic, the 3rd PhD from our lab!

Lab photo, Spring 2020

Addison Care VR/AR Lab outreach with Ciudad Nueva

Discovery Scholars Program end of year party (Fall 2019)

Psychonomics and OPAM 2019

Lab member photos, Fall 2019

Speaking in Australia: Macquarie University and University of Wollongong (Summer 2019)

Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium (URCAS) 2019

Lab photo, Spring 2019

Psychonomics and OPAM; New Orleans, 2018

New Mexico Academy of Science Research Symposium, October 2018

Lab photos, Fall 2018

Visual Search and Selective Attention IV Symposium; Munich, Germany 2018

Collin becomes Dr. Scarince, the second PhD student from our lab

Invited lecture at the University of Chicago

Arryn becomes Dr. Robbins, the first PhD student from our lab

Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium (URCAS), NMSU 2018

Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Meeting, Denver 2018

Psychonomics and OPAM, Vancouver 2017

Lab photos, Fall 2017

NMSU Conferences: Graduate Research and Arts Symposium (GRAS), and Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium (URCAS), Spring 2017

Southwestern Psychological Association Meeting (SWPA), San Antonio 2017

Speaking at the University of Arizona, February 2017

Psychonomics/OPAM 2016, and my workshop at Louisiana State University

Lab group photo, Fall 2016

ARMADILLO Conference weekend (September, 2016)

Vision Sciences Society Conference (May, 2016)

NMSU Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium (URCAS), 2016

Psychonomics and OPAM (2015)

Lab group photos, Fall 2015

Vision Sciences Society Conference, 2015

Award Ceremonies

Lab group photos, Fall 2014

Psychonomics and OPAM, Fall 2014